the loudonville photos

Virtual version of my works from the M.A.D.E. in Ashland Pop Up Art Exhibit


After taking the Loundonville Public Library exhibit down early in connection with the Coronavirus epidemic, some of those who didn’t make it there in time requested a virtual exhibition. Here it is, along with the photos displayed in Copper Top Gallery.


alwaysthebridesmaid copy

Always the Bridesmaid



Murray Hill


Gothic Meets Gehry

outsidepville copy

A Tree Outside of Perrysville (B&W Version) — on loan from Susan Lime



PH Sunset

Pleasant Hill Lake

bigporcupinemorn copy

Morning on Big Porcupine Lake — on loan from Susan Lime

watercolor-2 copy

The View from Mohican Lodge




Time Travel

wetmorning810 copy

Morning at Malabar — on loan from Lisa A. Miller Newcomer


Because of a last-minute request for more photos to cover two venues, I had to borrow some of my framed prints. Thanks to Susan Lime and Lisa A. Miller Newcomer. Also thanks to Neos Dance Theatre for producing the M.A.D.E. in Ashland event. Hope to see it back next year, after the epidemic subsides. And thanks to the Loudonville Public Library and Copper Top Gallery. 




4 thoughts on “the loudonville photos

  1. Irv – I’m hunkered down in Ashland along with everyone else today. No church no nothing lately, so I am dangerous at the keyboard.

    I met you once at Downtown Perk; have enjoyed your articles over the years although I am not what one would consider an “outdoors-man.”

    I particularly have enjoyed your recent articles about the Sub Alpine Club. Especially the article about Wolf Pen Springs. Is the home visible from TWP RD 1246? I realize it is “restricted access,” but would at least like a visual of it. My wife Terri and I got in the Tahoe yesterday and headed down that way (we only hit a Burger King drive-through, so kept human contact to a bare minimum). After a crazy high-water mandated detour, we got down near the “unction of Rabbit Ridge and Brush Run Rds., west of Walhonding, Howard (Coshocton), Ohio (Restricted access).” It appears the place really sets on Twp. Rd. 1246, but I confess although we traveled a ways down this “road” (being generous!), I don’t think we wen’t far enough.

    Another question – from where in blazes did the hike of the Sub Alpine Club start their hike? If it was Ashland or Wooster, I would never qualify for this group. And can you give me more info like a website or something in general?

    Thanks for letting me “ramble.” Keep up the good articles. Please respond via email if you would.



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    • Thank you for the compliment. Oddly, most people who read my outdoors column aren’t outdoors people.
      I really don’t know if the Wolf Pen house is visible from the road as I have only approached it from the woods.
      On this hike, we met at the usual spot in Mount Vernon, which is in front of the house of one of the original members. We drove to a spot near the Kokosing River north of New Castle. From there, we hiked up a steep hill and wended our way up to the house.

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