Algonquin 2018 — Return to Big Porcupine

Part One — Getting there is half the grief


We had to take the boats off the car so they could work on it. Thanks for the fast service, West Herr Subaru.

As my friend and canoeing buddy Ken Arthur said, “This is our first portage.”

Unfortunately, it was in Orchard Park, New York, less than halfway to Algonquin Provincial Park. What I originally thought were road vibrations on the New York Throughway were the front axles falling apart on the ol’ Canoebaru.

We got off the freeway, looked up the nearest Subaru Dealership and I limped the car into Orchard Park, outside of Buffalo.

Four hours (expedited service, thank you, thank you, thank you) and $730 later, we were back on the road.

We arrived at Smoke Lake, paddled 3.5 miles to Ragged Lake. We completed the short portage between Smoke and Ragged lakes, arriving just as it was getting dark. Unfortunately, most of the campsites on Ragged Lake were taken. We didn’t find one till well after dark.

By the time we set up camp, we were pretty spent. We ate what amounted to a shore lunch and turned in. Best night’s sleep I ever had. Awakened to a stunning view of the sunrise from my tent.

To be continued.


This is what I saw when I first opened my eyes and looked out of my tent.



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