Autobiography — My Life in Vehicles

Another installment — Chevy van of uncertain vintage


Heisted photo depicting 1970s cheese – and a van similar to the one I drove for Harold Supply on Cleveland’s West Side.

I pulled into the parking lot behind the bar. Everywhere I looked there were unmarked police cars – occupied by unmarked policemen. Dicks. Feds perhaps. But I repeat myself.

It was the last delivery of the day. I loaded the two-wheeled dolly with cartons – beer glasses, bar napkins, candles in colored oval jars bound in white plastic mesh, that sort of shit.

I wrestled the dolly through the back door and into the kitchen. The cook motioned for me to leave the cartons by the storeroom door.

I went into the bar to collect. One of Harold Supply’s C.O.D. customers. A lot of them were.

“What are all those unmarked cop cars doing out back?,” I asked the barkeep.

He made a beeline for the kitchen. Next thing I know, the cook ran past me lugging a cardboard box crammed with papers and bolted out the front door.




7 thoughts on “Autobiography — My Life in Vehicles

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  6. Cars I’ve had: A 1976 Pontiac Trans Am withe a 455CID engine and a 4 speed. Too much car for a 16 year old with a lead foot.

    Then a 1976 Mercury Monarch – drove that until it got totalled.

    Then a 1981 Ford Escort – with the 1.6L engine. That baby ate head gaskets for breakfast.

    After that a 1993 Ford Tempo – only had to put a fuel pump in that. Drove it for 8 years.

    Looking to buy a VW Golf TSi next


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