My Sweet Short Career as a Movie Extra

Canoe trip notes – Oct. 16 – 19, Mohawk Dam to Dresden


Leaves fall into the Walhonding River near Warsaw, upstream of White Woman’s Rock.

As I landed my canoe at White Woman’s Rock to stretch my legs, I heard a man screaming in agony. I grabbed my camera and cautiously approached the source.

Then I saw the movie lights.

In 36 years of canoeing, I’d never come upon a movie set. Until then.

The closest I’d come to it was when I paddled upon a photographer shooting high school senior photos on Clear Fork of the Mohican River.

Anyway, a young woman came out to greet me as I approached the movie set. I asked permission to take a few photos, but she denied my request.

I offered my services as an extra, but she told me I was far too handsome and would give their actors an inferiority complex. Maybe she was just letting me off easy.

She told me I could learn more about the movie project on their Facebook page “The Reliant.”

There the film is described as a Christian action drama.

Here’s a plot synopsis from the Facebook blurb:

When the dollar collapses, widespread rioting and looting ensues, and five children tragically lose their parents in the chaos. Armed with a couple of their father’s weapons, they are able to survive in a stretch of woods on the outskirts of their burning town. Facing starvation and threats from encroaching gangs, they begin to doubt God’s love. Will God answer their prayers, or must their faith remain blind to facts?

They could have seized on the opportunity of my impromptu visit and amended that to read “facing starvation, threats from encroaching gangs and a nosy canoe bum.”

The burning town is played by Coshocton, by the way.

Sorry to say I didn’t get any photos because of the prohibition against taking pictures of their set. Guess they didn’t want to reveal too much. However, there are plenty posted on the Facebook page.

Next: I paddle off into the sunset, humbled by rejection … yet buoyed by the promise of adventure.

Shooting the shit and other fun stuff

A day hike to Turret Rock — 2016 Algonquin Canoe Trip, Part 5

We hiked four miles, uphill both ways, through boulders and fallen pine trees — to see a fucking boulder. On the map, it was identified as Turret Rock. Probably a misprint; it’s more like Turd Rock.

But we had fun exploring and the scenery did not disappoint.

The route to the Turret from the Barron River Canyon takes you through a chute of what, in times of normal rainfall, would be a cascading stream. Still, it was one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I’ve ever been.

On the other side of the chute is something identified on our map as The Wall. We were worn out from our 300-foot vertical climb to the Turret and in need of medical attention from tripping and falling on boulders and pointy pine tree carcasses, so we opted not to hike there.

To be continued …


Pitcher plant flowers growing in the chute.



Shooting the shit. Steve photographs what we suspected was wolf scat.


Ken and Steve check out glacial grooves along the chute.


Ken waves to his newfound friend.


Stuck! Ken is grabbed by his own reflection.


Interesting stuff we found in the water en route to our hike. It appears to be some sort of algae with tentacles.


This is IT? This is IT? You’ve got to be kidding. Turd — I mean Turret — Rock.