Saving the Shawshank Tree

Five years ago, the landowners made an heroic effort to save the iconic oak tree featured in “The Shawshank Redemption.” Straight-line winds had torn away about half of it.

When they were done, what was left of the tree remained standing for prosperity. I believe some of the wood was salvaged for the same purpose.

This morning, a thunderstorm snapped off what remained of the trunk.

I happened by in 2011 when the salvage operation was underway and took photos. (Using a little Canon G-10.)

Here are a few of those photos — for prosperity.





Closeup of trunk.


Semi with the main section pulls out onto Pleasant Valley Road.


The Shawshank tree today — sad.



2 thoughts on “Saving the Shawshank Tree

  1. Very sad indeed. May it rest in peace. Hope that many of its acorns found their way to the surrounding woods and are now healthy, growing offspring.


  2. …(ur photo of) “fallentree
    The Shawshank tree today — sad.”…

    Let me say: Not So Sad: Oaks r hard 2 kill, see how it is regrowing itself via surrender 2 all tht happened 2 it: its’ seeming ‘death’ has led 2 MAGIC: It reincarnates! I read somewhere, once, tht some Am.Indian Tribe(s?) used 2 practice a way 2 invigorate themselves when arduously doing whatever was physically demanding (rites of passage 4 boys 2 men, running long distances, 4 ex.) : by standing themselves – w/ back up against an Oak – 2 absorb its’ kind of strength -> I get tht.

    I happily read ur bit on th Shawshank Tree, as I am mourning th ugly destruction of a special Oak Entity tht bordered my property, what – yet @ my neighbor’s land – she foolishly & illegally struck down… wanting 2 save her driveway… ???

    Several times a week (for over 20 yrs.), I’d been moved 2 behold this Entity, in it’s steadfast grace, toughness & beauty, not th least of which included appreciation for its shade & oxygen. I truly miss it. Th great sadness I feel is not only 4 loss o’tht Tree, but 4 th insanity in which humans r basically cutting down all trees… whatever will we have left 2 breathe?… among other losses -> u’d think tht 1 would matter…

    My sadness continues out of further idiocracy: Neighbor & I border a sm. Wetland, under “Conservation Jurisdiction / Protection” … it’s illegal 2 alter the ground / 2 cut/trim any trees (unless it threatens 2 fall on/damage house) / 2 add fill in any way w/in 100′ of this Wetland’s boundary, even on private property!

    Said Tree Entity was w/in 100′ of boundary (I crawled thru thorny underbrush/N.E.jungle for over an hour 2 properly measure it myself & found it 2 be around + not more than 80′ fro W.Lnd boundary, on th line between our 2 properties); furthermore, several yrs. ago, when neighbor(s) moved in: they cut down 30-40 other trees – also w/in range of said 100′ Protective Zone, & trucked in several hundred tons of dirt fill: HUGE VIOLATION! I am madder&madder @ self 4 not complaining THEN – but – did not want 2 cause trouble/fight w/ new neighbors: All that while (months), I said nothing, & each following day of destruction, told myself: “surely, this is th last day”, as I could not believe such gross & illegal activity. That was then.

    With th recent destruction of this last, a Great Entity Oak, I went 2 th local Conservation Officer, only 2 b shockingly disappointed: she never showed up 2 investigate, altho she said she would, gave me false info, did nothing, & now is not returning my calls.

    I tried talking 2 th tree service guy (love th phraseology) doing th removal: waste of time: accused me of “busting his balls” (pissed me off)… & @ 1 pt., parked my Jeep under th Oak & laid on top of it (@ my land) – hoping 2 slow him down while th Conservation Officer arrived <- which she didn't.

    I called C.Officer few more times, but 4 reasons I don't understand, she wouldn't come, & will not return calls… th only thing I can think of is this: neighbors father is a wealthy landowner in this high-profile town, & has clout.

    It was difficult 2 put myself out there (not a joiner / don't do politics) & pretty much make an ineffectual scene, well-knowing tht I was surrounded by idiots, & would, instead, appear th fool… even tho I was supposed 2 b supported BY LAW! WTF?

    Sososo: ur Shawshank Tree Blog is a good reminder tht I am not so alone, Thnx U… but do Trees have 2 b in movies 2 b cared about?

    – I hope u had a chance2 read this, & Thnx,
    – Surrounded By Idiots


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