Where is Norman Rockwell when you need him?


Sean Gorrell, the kid with the police arm patch, visiting with Kevin Taylor. Taylor is now Loudonville Chief of Police; Gorrell is his newest offcer.*

Life has come full circle in Loudonville, Ohio, and I’m grateful for having witnessed it.

Fourteen years ago, while working for the Ashland Times-Gazette, I wrote an article about Loudonville Police Sgt. Kevin Taylor, a man who clearly loved his job and his hometown. Over the years, I had the pleasure of watching Taylor advance through the ranks. He’s now police chief.

Fast-forward to May 18. While covering a village council meeting, I witnessed the swearing-in of a young police officer, a 23-year-old named Sean Gorrell. The Loudonville Times asked me to find a subject for a profile piece. Since Gorrell was a local boy, born and raised there, I thought he fit the bill.

While working on the piece, Taylor told me Gorrell had been one of two boys mentioned — and pictured — in the story I’d written about him 14 years earlier. Gorrell was 9 years old at the time. And an aspiring police officer.

Sometimes stories write — and rewrite — themselves.

For the benefit of those who don’t subscribe to the Loudonville Times, I’ll include a PDF version of the story. Click on the link below:


* A few people have asked about the other boy in the photo. He’s Christopher Rooks. He was 7 years old when the photo was taken. The photographer was Amy J. Van Horn.



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