Sometimes it’s OK to leave a trace

memorial111bI met Alan Konieczny in the woods this afternoon. I also met Robert Danals.

I stumbled upon Mr. Konieczny’s favorite deer-hunting spot near Pleasant Hill Lake. That’s what it said on a small green plaque his best friend anonymously placed there in his honor. The words on the plaque provided an inkling of the kind of man Mr. Konieczny was — a kindred spirit, perhaps.

The fact that his best friend thought enough of him to place that plaque in a remote spot in the woods speaks volumes about the kind of guy Mr. Konieczny must have been. It’s the best we can do in life to have friends like that.

Mr. Danals left his own mark in the woods. Apparently in 1956.

I have no idea who he is or was. He might still be alive for all I know.

I had come across Mr. Konieczny’s plaque at the very beginning of today’s three-hour walk in the woods. Toward the end of my hike, I came upon a beech tree along a ridge above State Route 95 with Mr. Danal’s name carved into the bark. Above the name was what appears to be the year he did it.

robtdanals222I’ll reserve judgement in his case. I’d like to think that he’ll be remembered for more than some guy who defaced a tree in a public forest.



2 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s OK to leave a trace

  1. Enjoyed this one Irv having found a similar marker, except it was the actual grave site or were they placed the ashes. It expounded on how the individual loved bird hunting and his family wanted him to be laid to rest by his favourite slough so he could watch the ducks and geese return and leave on their journey north and south. It was a lovely wooden plaque. Your story brought back a wave of memories thank you..

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    • That’s great. On my canoe trips I sometimes make altars of sorts to people who I admired who have passed. Sometimes, just stones arranged on the ground. Things like that. It’s my personal ritual.


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