What does it mean when you hear sitar music while canoeing?

It probably means you’re approaching my campsite

curryIndian food has replaced Ramen noodles as one of my canoe trip staples. I’ve found something easier to cook, more nutritious, less messy and much tastier — Kitchens of India’s Indian cuisine in a pouch.

In the interest of disclosure, this is not a paid product endorsement. Although I am open to offers.

If you’re looking for a quick shore lunch on a cool afternoon or a spicy side dish for supper at your campsite, this is it.

To prepare, just set up your trail stove — such as my Soto Micro Regulator stove. Again, not a paid product endorsement. But if the folks at Soto are feeling charitable … just sayin’.

Then you fill a pan with water, drop in a Kitchens of India foil pouch and boil it for five minutes. That’s what the instructions say. I generally go by metric minutes, which are longer. So that would be about 7-10 standard minutes.

Then you open the pouch and grab a long-handled spoon, such as the Sea to Summit titanium long spoon. With a long-handled spoon, you can eat right out of the pouch. No pans or plates to clean. When you’re done eating, just lick the spoon and rinse out the empty pouch. (Make sure to pack out that pouch!)

I recently exchanged Facebook posts with the makers of Kitchens of India products. I told them how well-suited their packets were for camping trips. They responded, asking me to let them know which ones I try.

The short answer is I plan to sample them all. So far, I’ve tried Mughlai Paneer, Dal Bukhara and Black Grain Lentils Curry. All delicious.

On looking at the Kitchens of India website, I noticed their ready-to-dine offerings also include dessert. I’ll definitely try that.

I wonder if they offer a sampler pack. My shipping address is available on request.


One thought on “What does it mean when you hear sitar music while canoeing?

  1. A little Ravi Shankar playing through the headset after supper and you are suddenly up and dancing wildly around the fire. Sounds good to me. Why suffer with Chinese soups and porridge every meal. Good find Irv!!!

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