Meltdown in Loudonville

Despite a week of temperatures in the teens and single digits, the sun worked its artistry on ice sculptures in the aftermath of Winterfest.


I believe this was a golf ball, which I shot from behind. The pattern was created by the reflection from a plastic grid beneath the ice sculpture. When I came back the next morning, it had been dumped onto the sidewalk and broken into pieces. The detail below is a chunk of the original piece.

shattered 2

The next image is a bear in front of Buzzard’s Family Shoe Store (which is a fine establishment run by a great family and, if you’re as particular about footwear as I am, you might want to check them out).

pavlov's bear

In the photo below, the sculptor incorporated a brick pattern for its base — not unlike the wall behind it.


The wolf at the door. I love what the afternoon sun was doing with this piece, in front of Amish Oak Furniture.


Below are three detail shots showing Main Street in a different light.



eye of the storm

Meanwhile, Duckzilla is about to wreak havoc on North Water Street.


And, in Central Park, an ice sculpture depicting an Indian chief slowly melts, its features softening.


Come back next week when I present a photographic study of puddles on Loudonville’s Main Street.

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