I Seem to Be an Acronym

My dream home

My dream home

Putting a phrase with a name

I have to admit that I’m intrigued with the world of boondocking. For the uninitiated — or those who didn’t read my previous post on the subject — boondocking is the practice of traveling the country in an RV and finding places to camp free.
   Boondocking has its own lingo, including the term “fulltiming.” That would the practice of living out of an RV or IRV (Improvised Recreational Vehicle) permanently.
   I guess there are all sorts of nuances to be considered. Things like how to get your mail forwarded and how not to get an unwieldy vehicle stuck in snow or mud.
   I’ve read a few blogs about the advantages and disadvantages of different types of vehicles. Apparently, ready-made RVs are prone to rodent infestation and school buses are frowned upon, if not banned outright, in some circles. Two bloggers recommended converting U-Haul box trucks.
   From my perspective, the only reason you would need such a massive vehicle is creature comforts. Toilets being a big one, apparently. There has been a lot written on that subject.
   Seems to me a shovel and a roll of toilet paper could save a lot of cost, not to mention the headaches of maintaining a mobile plumbing system.
   I wonder if there are minimalists out there, folks who do boondocking in small vehicles using ultralight camping gear.
   Not that I have an immediate inclination to go this route. But it would be fun to get out in the field, interview some of these folks and write about it.

2 thoughts on “I Seem to Be an Acronym

  1. Some friends did that kinda thing up here a few years back (free places everywhere);what they found was everybody had a story as to why they were in Alaska most having been born someplace else.


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