Another Restau – Rant


I ate at a local restaurant tonight and was the only one to order dessert. The waitress brought it out — along with extra plates and forks for the other five people in our party.
This isn’t the first time this has happened.
Apparently this was her idea of socialized dining. Obviously, my fellow guests didn’t order dessert because they couldn’t afford it, so it was my duty to share mine.
When the waitress brought the check, maybe I should have asked her to bring five more for my friends.

One thought on “Another Restau – Rant

  1. be like ole raz here, i get dessert FIRST. then sometimes i have dessert after the meal(dessert). for real. i do NOT share my dessert… if someone wants a “bite” i order more dessert. i maybe a progressive, but i’m not a socialist with my dessert. i’m a progressive cracker about dessert.

    gelato. raz


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