Skywriting — Florida Trip Journal

Stalking the Snowbirds Epilogue

This post was written and posted on the flight back to Ohio

Mom and Dad at Hellas, a Greek restaurant and bakery in Tarpon Springs

Mom and Dad at Hellas, a Greek restaurant and bakery in Tarpon Springs

Mission accomplished. Parents totally surprised and, after five days in Florida, no sniffles. (Unlike two previous trips, when I came down with bad colds.)

En route to Akron-Canton Airport from Tampa International.

Note to myself: Always reserve a seat on the plane when possible. Otherwise you get stuck in the last seat. In the corner.

I love looking out the window at things below, but the only view I have now is of bobbing noggins on a sea of blue vinyl seat backs. Fortunately, I have the whole back row to myself. This will come in handy if I feel like napping. Not much chance of that on a two-hour flight.

Nothing worse than spoiling parents. Toward the end of my stay, they started dropping hints. Things like:

• “Hey can’t you stay longer? We need a few things fixed around here … like the next election.”

• “You haven’t used up all your vacation days, have you?”

• “You can always get a job with a newspaper down here … or maybe picking oranges.”

Or …

• “If we give you an allowance, your own room and the use of Mom’s Crown Vic, will you consider moving back in?”

Wait, things are looking up. The stewardesses have started serving coffee and pretzels — started in the front row. They should make it back here by the time we’re over Columbus.

I think I’ll take that nap now. The coffee and pretzels should be here about the time we reach Ohio.

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