Is “virtual life” oxymoronic?

Liked to death, confessions of a social media addict

My name is Irv and I’m addicted to Facebook.

I’ve suspected for sometime that I was hooked. On Christmas day about three or four years ago, I was home alone, lonely and bored. I opened a Facebook account and gradually got sucked in.

It was obvious from the start what the attraction was. It’s the strokes you get from being “liked” and the warm fuzzy feeling of connecting with old friends, with the past.

Yesterday I read a Newsweek article about how Facebook — and social networking in general — shrinks your brain and turns you into a  social misfit.

I was accomplishing that on my own, but I can’t help but feel that Facebook has accelerated the process.

In recent months, instead of meditating first thing in the morning, I find myself “shooting up,” getting my morning Facebook fix. Throughout the day, I check in constantly. Looking for my strokes, massaging my dopamine receptors.

I kid myself that I need Facebook to keep track of my family or to stay abreast of developments in the news biz. But it’s all about the strokes. Like me. Like my photo.

Should I quit cold turkey? Or just try to wean myself?

Maybe I can find a self-help group on Facebook.


4 thoughts on “Is “virtual life” oxymoronic?

  1. I quit Facebook cold turkey and it was one of the best things I have ever done. I used it mostly to spout my tree hugger agenda and for my work as a journalist. I must say there are aspects of it I miss but overall I don’t need it to annoy people with my agenda or to be a decent writer. Since my departure from FB more than a month ago I feel I have taken back my privacy and I am no longer subjected to advertisements based on tracking cookies. When I run into former FB friends they aren’t quite sure what to say to me because they have no idea what I have been doing. Out of the more than 700 FB friends I had two contact me to see how I was and to make sure we stay in contact. I am glad I can read about your adventures here.


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