As our French Canadian Friends Would Say, Adios Algonquin

Algonquin Canoe Trip Journal — Part Eleven

In the previous post, I talked about our daily excursions exploring the lakes of Algonquin Provincial Park. On that and other Agonquin Canoe Trip posts, I added an little embellishment here and there.

Ken might say more than a little.

In fact, I believe he said, “Are you sure I was on that trip? I don’t remember any of that.”

It’s sad what getting old does to your memory.

I’ll try to resist the temptation to embellish on this post, mainly because our excursions on the final days of our trip were remarkable unto themselves.

We had returned to Penn Lake and set up base camp. On the last full day there, we ventured back up to Rock Lake, our port of entry, and went to visit a huge bluff with a breathtaking view. The beauty of it was, the climb to the top wasn’t breathtaking. Not even for someone just a tad over the hill.

Instead of talking about the final days, I’ll post photos.

Post Script: After reading this post, Ken called to say he forgot why he was calling.

The bluff at Rock Lake

Ken enjoying the view from the bluff on Rock Lake. I wonder if he remembers this.

Steve setting out for an evening paddle on our last day. Nice rainbow in the background.

We’ll be back

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