Hello mudda, hello fadda, here we are — all underwatta

Algonquin Canoe Trip Journal — Part Eight

Ken’s bedding after tenting’s version of a wardrobe malfunction

I’m not saying it rained a lot during our week at Algonquin. But, when we arrived on Labor Day, lake levels were more than two feet below normal. When we left the following Sunday, the only way to travel in most of central Ontario was by canoe.

Our equipment was equal to the task. Except for the tenting equivalent of a “wardrobe malfunction” that left Ken with a soaked sleeping bag one night.

The nylon tarp I brought served us well. Except for the night the bungee on what was supposed to be the low corner crept up the tree and the tarp filled with water overnight.

My $200 rain jacket also proved adequate. Except when I forgot to zip up the pockets and ended up with a lapful of cold water during a paddle across Penn Lake.

And on it went.

We spent many an hour under the tarp watching the rain fall and debris float by, occasionally moving our chairs when a larger branch came floating through.

Our automatic dishwasher

The upside of all that rain was it made washing dishes easier. Instead of washing them in the lake, all we had to do was place Steve’s big pot beneath the low corner of the tarp and fill it with dishes. The rainwater running off the tarp agitated the water enough to clean the dishes within a couple of hours.

We made the most of it though, sitting around and singing “Camp Granada” and making up new verses.


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