Moose fetish — get your mind out of the gutter, it’s not what you think

Algonquin Canoe Trip Journal — Part 4

Ken’s improvised moose skull

After a long portage and a short paddle, we arrived at our campsite on Clydegale Lake.

Ken found a bunch of moose bones in the underbrush, so he set out to build himself a moose.

The skull was missing so he improvised, making one out of spare bones.

There wasn’t much left of the spine or leg bones, so he substituted with part of a tree limb that was sort of shaped like a moose. It was kind of small, so it ended up looking more like a gazelle chasing its tail.

Moose body

The scapula bones were intact, but Ken got sidetracked and made them into a couple of puppets to keep him company while he worked on the rest of the moose. He named his puppets Clyde and Gale. He never explained why.

The moose started to take shape by the second day. But Ken got discouraged when a real moose happened by our campsite and gave his creation negative reviews. Which the moose expressed by doing crude impressions of it by arcing his body grotesquely while belching the first four bars of the Canadian national anthem.

The real moose

Ken gave up on the moose, making a bench and primitive necklace instead.

And he still had Clyde and Gail to keep him company.

More later.

Ken with his Clyde and Gale puppets. That’s Ken in the middle.