A few tips on how to deal with snake oil salesmen

Why is it that spinmeisters defending pernicious business practices insist on trotting out the argument that anyone who uses the product cannot criticize the process used to produce it? I heard a variation on this yesterday in which a man defending his right to allow fracking on his land implied that anyone who cooks with natural gas can’t criticize the practice.

Well, let’s say we find out the Ford Motor Company is making leather car seats out of the hides of Appalachian children. Are we not entitled to be outraged just because we happen to drive a Ford product?

There’s another argument industry hacks love to use and I’ll give you an example. On January 1, a couple of shills from an organization called Energy in Depth, a front group for the gas and oil industry,* dragged a bunch of goons into an informational session on fracking at a Bellville church. (I hear they recently showed up at a similar function in northeastern Ohio as well.)  This was an obvious attempt to disrupt and intimidate. One of the goons blurted out something to the effect that, “If you haven’t worked on an oil rig, you don’t know anything about fracking.”

Which is like saying that, unless you’re a proctologist, you don’t know an asshole when you see one.





3 thoughts on “A few tips on how to deal with snake oil salesmen

  1. When I stop to think how stupid the average person is; what gives me a headache is that 50% of those are even stupider. Most are unconcerned with that which is not right under thier nose. They can be identified by thier universal catch phrase, “Hey how’d that happen; this stinks.”


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