Read any good powerpoint presentations lately?

Nothing challenges and already challenged attention span more than a speaker reading from his own powerpoint. Especially one short on graphics.

(Sorry, primitive line and bar graphs don’t count.)

I went to an environmental lecture tonight at Ashland University, which turned out to an exercise in mental somnambulism.The lecture was about how chemical contaminants migrate through local and global ecosystems.

This should be fascinating — if not scary — stuff.

But it wasn’t. Not as presented.

Granted, much of the talk was highly technical. But the speaker, like others I’ve heard lately, resigned himself to “sticking to the script” for the most part.

Let’s cut to the chase. I can read. I don’t need someone to stand up there and read to me.

Powerpoint technology should complement a talk. Unfortunately, too many people use it as an alternative to 3-by-5 cue cards.

Tonight’s lecture left me cheering for the contaminants.


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