Baseline water quality testing – do it now

This is another post in the continuing saga of the “Gold Rush of 2011,” i.e. the mad dash by Mohican area landowners to sign away their mineral rights to natural gas speculators.

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s blog that attorneys speaking at a fracking informational session in Wooster on Wednesday night said that, if people are concerned about the potential for groundwater contamination, they should get their water tested now for chemicals and heavy metals.

This is for if and when extensive hydraulic fracturing in our area will poison our wells. Given Pennsylvania’s experience, for some, it will only be a question of when.

The attorneys stressed that testing needs to be done by a third-party lab. That includes gathering the samples, a very important point for legal reasons. As I recall, the price range is $60-$300.

That said, the experience elsewhere has been that, even when the cause and effect of groundwater contamination is obvious, the drilling companies deny the connection.

Even though the ju$ti¢e system would be stacked in favor of the companies, at least this will give you some evidence if it comes to litigation. Failing that, a typical scenario would be that the companies would truck in water for you.

Face it folks, life won’t be the same around here.

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