Of birds and blogs

Blury photo of red-shouldered hawk being stalked by blue jays.

Before I go any further, let me say that I’ve taken a different direction with this blog than I intended. Which is what I intended.
Originally, I fashioned it after my Website with set features.
With each succeeding post, I seem to be drifting further away from that. It’s become more spontaneous.
I designed the Website to showcase the different types of writing I do or have done. This has become more of a journal — while retaining some of the elements from the Website.

That said, here’s today’s observations, which have nothing whatsoever to do with the proceeding.
Birds keep me sane. Watching them around the feeders, out the office window (in a treeline about 60-70 yards away), or in the wild.
Here at home, the blue jays are among my favorite. They have tremendous entertainment value. I had one perch by the bedroom window and imitate the vibrating sound of my cell phone. One liked to make a zipping sound by dragging its beak across the window screen. After I removed the window screen, it simply made the sound on its own.
I can see how their ability to mimic sounds contributes to their survival. Blue jays can assure themselves of a spot at the feeders by imitating hawk calls and scaring off the other birds.
They also fend off hawks. Yesterday, as I sat writing in the office at the back of the house, I looked out to see a red-shouldered hawk perched in the tree line. Soon he was flanked by two blue jays. They were waiting for the hawk to fly so they could get behind him, where I’m told hawks are unable to get at smaller birds, and harass him till he left their territory.
I got a photo. It’s not very good quality because I didn’t opt for one with a telephoto lens when I bought it.


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