‘Road Kill Zombies’ – the movie?

Procrastination and ’possums


A morning visitor at the bird feeders

There was a ’possum snacking beneath the bird feeders this morning. I went out to shoo him away before the dogs got to him. I grabbed a bucket of birdseed on the way out the door, which is about as close as I come to multitasking.

As I approached, he went on eating the sunflower seeds on the ground. I nudged him with the bucket and he gave me a halfhearted baring of teeth before keeling over.

I figured he’d lie there until I left then get up and trundle off into the woods. (This raises a good semantics question; is it “lying” or “laying” if the subject is just playing dead?)

I filled one feeder and started on another. Content that I was preoccupied with the feeders, the ’possum waddled off and hid under a pine tree.

Later in the morning, while I was meditating, my mind wandered back to a movie script I’d written about 20 years ago, while I was  publishing Hoot, the humor newspaper. The movie was entitled “Road Kill Zombies.” As I recall, it was a parody of horror flicks in which road kill came back to brutally murder the people who ran them over.

One of the regular contributors to Hoot, Dave Barnes, and I got as far as videotaping a scene. But it never progressed beyond that.

I’d be willing to sell the movie rights. Cheap.

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