Happy Holidays from Irv

Irv’s last-minute gift guide


Bubble wrap, the gift that keeps on giving

How I used to dread Christmas Eve — always finding myself pressed for gift ideas and pressed for time.  Then one year, I came up with the perfect solution. Bubble wrap!

It’s the perfect gift for children and grownups. And it’s cheap. At Staples, you can get a 25-foot roll for $6.49.

Children love popping the bubbles. In fact, they get pretty creative with it. One year at a family gathering, I gave all my nieces and nephews their own rolls of bubble wrap. They started out busting one cell at a time, which amused them for awhile. It wasn’t long before they were jumping up and down on it, seeing how loud the could make it pop by bursting several  bubbles at a time.

They made short work of the bubble wrap. Which is pretty much what they do with more expensive toys anyway.

As for the adults, popping the little plastic bubbles was therapeutic. Which offset the effect of a roomful of kids stomping on rolled-out strips of bubble wrap.

Buying bubble wrap for everyone that year had an added benefit. I think it brought my family closer together because, the following year, instead of inviting me to the usual get-together, they told me they had decided to spend a nice, quiet Christmas at home.


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